Pre-Production Marketing with CGI - The Cibes Group Story

In an industry that thrives on innovation and precision, the challenge was presenting a product not yet in existence in a tangible, engaging manner.

Cibes Group sought to not only create a buzz around their upcoming products but also to make critical design decisions regarding color, material, and finish (CMF) without the physical product in hand. They needed a solution that would allow them to visualize these elements accurately and provide marketing content ready to launch as soon as the product was.

Visualizing Product CMF Before Production

CGI enabled the team at Cibes Group to experiment with different color schemes, materials, and finishes in a virtual space. This not only expedited the decision-making process but also ensured that the product would meet customer expectations right off the bat.

Ready-to-Launch Marketing Content

By leveraging CGI, Cibes Group had a full suite of marketing materials, including images for their website and videos for both online and offline media channels, prepared in synchronization with the product’s launch. This seamless alignment meant that as soon as the product was ready, the market was already primed for its arrival, creating immediate impact and interest.

Before image alt After image alt

Creating Emotional Connections Through Video

One of the standout achievements was the capability to produce videos that did more than showcase a product; they told a story. These emotional videos served as powerful tools in not only displaying the product’s features but also in building a narrative around the brand, connecting with customers on a deeper level.

Cost-Effective Reusability for Special Marketing Events

A notable advantage of using CGI was the economic efficiency it presented, especially evident in special marketing events like Valentine’s Day. The data and imagery created for the product launch were easily adapted and reused in various creative ways, significantly reducing additional marketing costs while maintaining a fresh and engaging approach to seasonal campaigns.

Pre-Visualization Success Stories in Marketing

In today’s competitive market, the time it takes to bring a product to market can mean the difference between success and failure.

Using high-quality CGI content starting in the preproduction phase can greatly reduce the time it takes to take a product from Concept, to Production, and also means that when your product is ready to be sold, your marketing team can already have all the content they need to make sure that your product launch is a success.

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