Amore Pacific's Journey to Product Digitalization and Enhanced Content Creation

Amore Pacific, a leading beauty and cosmetics conglomerate, identified the need to enrich their product presentation and boost their marketing strategy digitally, especially in the mobile space. To achieve this goal, they embarked on an innovative journey to create digital twins for their extensive product line, improving customer interaction and enhancing their content creation process.

Digitization Challenge: Balancing Fidelity with Versatility in Virtual Product Experience

The challenge was to accurately digitize over 30 beauty products, capturing the finesse of each item’s design, color, and material to offer customers a lifelike virtual experience.  Amore Pacific sought to leverage these digital products to generate versatile marketing materials catered to mobile platforms and social media.

Through a strategic partnership with Mediaman Shanghai, Amore Pacific utilized a blend of traditional modeling methods and advanced photo scanning techniques to create highly accurate digital twins of their beauty products. Each item was meticulously crafted with precise measurements and true-to-life aesthetics.

Informed Decision-Making: Empowering Customers with 360-Degree Product Sequences

To tackle the daunting task of creating CGI images for the interior that were both visually stunning and accurately represented the product, we relied again on our ZS Configuration Manager to make sure every single detail of the product was depicted accurately and precisely. Each button, feature, and component was mapped out in exact detail, leaving no room for inconsistency or error.

We also incorporated stringent quality control measures at every step of the CGI creation process. This ensured that any discrepancies between the CGI images and the product could be identified and rectified before they became a problem.

By doing so, we were able to avoid any legal issues that could arise from inaccurate portrayal of the product, ensuring customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Precision Measurement Techniques: The Foundation of Accurate Digital Twins

The traditional modeling method we employed was grounded on a meticulous process that involved high-resolution photography and precision measurement techniques. Professional photography captured the intricate details, colors, and textures of the beauty products, serving as a comprehensive reference for our digital artists.

Parallel to this, product measurements were taken to ensure that the digital twins mirrored the physical products’ dimensions to the smallest detail.

This combination of vivid imagery and precise geometry formed the cornerstone of the digital replicas, ensuring that the virtual customer experience was as close to physical interaction as possible

Beauty Lies In The Details

Later in the process, we discovered that by using 3d scanning techniques, we can substantially increase the precision of the 3D models and at the same time reduce the time spent creating the digital twins.

By using laser or structured light scanning, not only are the products’ dimensions recorded in detail but also their unique contours and geometries. The result of this scanning process is a comprehensive three-dimensional dataset, a digital scaffold upon which textures and colors can be meticulously applied. This accuracy is crucial in the beauty industry where the visual representation of the product can significantly influence consumer perception and buying decisions. Through 3D scanning, Amore Pacific ensures that their online offerings are not mere approximations but true-to-life representations that customers can trust.

Unlock the Power of Visual Storytelling with CGI

One of the unique advantages of CGI compared to traditional product photography, is that we can showcase unique angles and perspectives that would be otherwise impossible.

Take, for example, the ample legroom and comfort of the V-Class car’s interior – we can showcase aspects that are not visually possible with traditional techniques.

CGI is not just about creating pretty pictures; it’s about making the impossible possible, letting your audience truly experience your product in ways they never thought possible.

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Engage and Connect with Customers

In a highly competitive market, brands are always trying to find new ways to engage and delight current or potential customers. One great way is by implementing an interactive web configurator.
For Mercedes-Benz China we designed and implemented a configurator by using the latest WebGL technology that beautifully showcases all the configuration options in a serene setting, but also provides a user-friendly platform where potential clients can interact intimately with the product.

The web configurator not only increases customer engagement but enriches the customer experience, bringing a depth of understanding that stimulates the purchasing decision. It’s not just about selling a product, it’s about creating a connection and our web configurator does exactly that.

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