Mercedes Benz - V-Class and Vito Facelift

Speed, Precision, and Pixels: A Case Study of CG content for Mercedes Benz China

For Mercedes Benz, a global leader in the luxury automotive sector, the aspiration to dominate every market comes with its unique set of challenges.

The high level of customization they offer for each market doesn’t merely involve producing different versions of their products. It also entails the requirement of personalized marketing content. Every market has distinct dynamics, cultural nuances, and consumer preferences, and the headquarters is not equipped to cater to all these varied needs.

Local branches are expected to take up this challenge and procure hyper-localized content that resonates with the specific audience. This approach requires deep understanding of the local market, resources for content creation, and innovative strategies to ensure that Mercedes Benz’s brand identity shines through in all the materials, all while capturing the local flavor.

Tailored Visualization: A Customized Solution for Local Engagement

Our team set out to tackle this challenging project with a clear vision and the determination to deliver impeccable results. Armed with industry-leading expertise and a pool of talented 3D artists, we were prepared to meet any obstacle head-on. The task was immense; crafting over 500 images and a stunning WebGL configurator in a demanding time-frame.

Adopting our unique in-house tool, the ZS Configuration manager, we embarked on this journey, ensuring that each image was rendered to perfection. No detail was too small to overlook, as we meticulously matched the color of the car paint, the transparency of the tinted glass and the brightness of each light, with their real-world counterparts. The result was a collection of images that not only met our client’s expectations but transcended them.

This project has been a testament to our capacity to deliver high-quality results under tight schedules. We succeeded in developing content that not only looks beautiful but provides an immersive and engaging experience to the end user.

Ensuring Precision and Consistency in CGI Content

To tackle the daunting task of creating CGI images for the interior that were both visually stunning and accurately represented the product, we relied again on our ZS Configuration Manager to make sure every single detail of the product was depicted accurately and precisely. Each button, feature, and component was mapped out in exact detail, leaving no room for inconsistency or error.

We also incorporated stringent quality control measures at every step of the CGI creation process. This ensured that any discrepancies between the CGI images and the product could be identified and rectified before they became a problem.

By doing so, we were able to avoid any legal issues that could arise from inaccurate portrayal of the product, ensuring customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Challenges in Upholstery Visualization

When visualizing the interior, the diversity of materials presents a unique challenge as each color interacts differently with light, creating individualized reflections, texture, and sheen, all of which must be accurately rendered to capture the true essence of interior materials.

Adding to the complexity, CGI imagery also must account for lighting conditions and their effects on color perception, along with rendering intricate patterns or stitching details.

Beauty Lies In The Details

We recognize the immense effort automotive manufacturers invest in perfecting the minute aspects of car interiors, be it the subtle pattern in the plastics or the delicate engravings on the buttons.

We understand that these details may not always be consciously registered, but are undoubtedly felt. Hence, we spare no effort to mirror these elements in our content, ensuring that we accentuate and celebrate every tiny facet.

We pride ourselves in our attention to detail, whether visible or subliminal, bringing it to the limelight through our exceptional CGI.

Unlock the Power of Visual Storytelling with CGI

One of the unique advantages of CGI compared to traditional product photography, is that we can showcase unique angles and perspectives that would be otherwise impossible.

Take, for example, the ample legroom and comfort of the V-Class car’s interior – we can showcase aspects that are not visually possible with traditional techniques.

CGI is not just about creating pretty pictures; it’s about making the impossible possible, letting your audience truly experience your product in ways they never thought possible.

Before image alt After image alt

Engage and Connect with Customers

In a highly competitive market, brands are always trying to find new ways to engage and delight current or potential customers. One great way is by implementing an interactive web configurator.
For Mercedes-Benz China we designed and implemented a configurator by using the latest WebGL technology that beautifully showcases all the configuration options in a serene setting, but also provides a user-friendly platform where potential clients can interact intimately with the product.

The web configurator not only increases customer engagement but enriches the customer experience, bringing a depth of understanding that stimulates the purchasing decision. It’s not just about selling a product, it’s about creating a connection and our web configurator does exactly that.

Balancing Aesthetics with Performance

One of the biggest challenges when creating a web configurator for a car is creating a beautiful and fast  loading interior. For this project we decided to pre-render 360 panoramas, which allowed us to create a highly realistic interior, without compromising configuration or interactivity.

To be able to visualize the interior in all upholstery colors, and from 3 separate view points (driver’s seat, first row of rear seats, and second row of rear seats), we created a total of 45 panorama images at 8k resolution.

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